Seasonal Maintenance

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Hot summers and frigid winter temperatures in Scranton, PA can take a toll on your vehicle. It's important to service your car seasonally to keep it in top condition. At Vestal Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we want to help keep your vehicle performing at its best. Follow our tips for seasonal care.

Spring Is a Great Time for a Post-Winter Clean-Up

Tire Care

It's important to have your tires rotated regularly to extend the life of your set. Make sure to change your tires from snow or winter tires to all-season tires once the spring hits.

Check Wiper Blades

In winter, freezing temps, ice, and salt wear down your wiper blades. Your wiper blades may leave streaks across the windshield or squeak. Spring is a good time to have your wiper blades replaced and your wiper fluid checked, too!

Examine Your Breaks

You want good braking power during rainy seasons and on hot, summer roads. Make sure your brake system is ready for the upcoming weather conditions and have your brake system inspected, even if you don't hear brake noises, feel any pulsations, or have increased stopping distances.

Check Auto Fluids

Your engine worked especially hard all winter long. Be ready for spring and summer driving by having your vehicle fluids checked. Regular service ensures your vehicle fluids are inspected, flushed, changed, and topped off.

Air Conditioning

When it's the middle of summer, the last thing you'd want is to have your AC blowing out warm air. To help prevent this from happening, visit the service department for seasonal maintenance.

Engine Cooling System

The cooling system keeps your engine cool and at the correct operating temperature. Have your cooling system inspected to check if all components are working correctly and to have coolant levels checked and topped off.

Oil and Filter Change

Have your oil and filter changed regularly. The summer months are harder on your oil and engine with high temperatures and extra driving. Scheduled oil and filter changes will make sure to keep your engine functioning at its best.

Tips for the Fall and Winter to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Mechanical Failure

You've been driving your car all summer long. It's a good time to have your car inspected. Avoid mechanical failures with routine service.

Battery Inspection

Batteries last between three to five years, and the older the battery, the more important it is to have it tested. A strong battery will help your car start in cold winter temperatures. Don't forget to have your battery inspected and cleaned in the summer, too.

Check Your Brakes

Winter weather can affect your brake system. When snow and ice melt, it can add extra moisture to your brakes or brake fluid. Have your brakes inspected regularly throughout the winter, even if you don't suspect damage to your brakes. Often, we may use worn-out brakes without noticing.

Heater and Defroster

Before the temperatures drop, have your heaters, fans, and rear and front windshield defrosters inspected. Seasonal inspection of your defroster and heater will keep them in good working condition so you can be comfortable and have clear views.

Wiper Blades

With everyday wear and tear, your wiper blades can get damaged. Be ready for winter and examine your wiper blades - a good rule to follow: replace your wiper blades every six months. Remember also to have your wiper fluid checked.

Exterior Lights

Have deadlights, taillights, and brake lights inspected so you see better on cloudy or snowy winter days. Have your lights - and turn signals - inspected and replace burned-out bulbs.

Emergency Kit

It's important to stay ready for winter storms. In the case you are stranded, be prepared with an emergency kit. Keep items like spare gloves, blankets, boots, a small shovel, flares, flashlight, sand or kitty litter, tire chains, and snacks and water in your car just in case.

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Our service department offers seasonal vehicle maintenance to drivers in Ithaca and Vestal, NY. We have a full service menu to help keep your car in top shape and ready for every season.