Truck manufacturing and marketing have looked like an automotive strongman competition in recent years. The focus has been on which vehicle is the biggest and can pull the most weight, with automakers scrambling to outdo the competition and themselves.

What happens when you pull back and consider what real truck owners need and desire? You get the Ram 2500 HD. It combines the towing power you need realistically with versatility and performance. 

Cab Choices

When buying a new vehicle, choices allow you to get what you want without settling. The Ram 2500 HD enables you to choose from regular, crew, or mega cab. Options of a 4, 6, or 8-foot bed will enable you to get exactly what you need. Six trim options mean that you can further tailor the truck to your needs and purposes and look great doing it.


The 2500 has two engine options. The standard 6.4-liter V8, or the 6.7-liter Cummins Turbo Diesel. The Hemi has 410 Horsepower and a max towing capacity of 17,540 pounds. The Cummins has 370 Horsepower and can tow 19,680 pounds.


The Ram 2500 HD offers the ultimate in versatility. It's designed to tackle any terrain you can find in Scranton, PA. It can tow a gooseneck trailer uphill, provide a smooth ride when unloaded, and is very capable off-road as well.


Staying safe while driving in Ithaca is just as important as performance. The Ram 2500 offers the latest safety features, including lane assist, forward collision monitoring and braking, and adaptive cruise control. Blind Spot Assist automatically takes your trailer into account when scanning for hazards, adding another level of safety for those who put their truck to work.

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